Satisfied Students

See what past students have had to say about their experience with Indiana Virtual Academy:

“Overall, this is good program which allows some flexibility as far as summer availability so that you can still work, enjoy summer and get a course completed.”


 “I took this class at my school 2 years ago, and I got a bad grade that would have stopped me from receiving an Academic Honors diploma, so I chose to retake it and I’m glad I did. I learned so much more online than I ever did in my class, and I feel like the same would be true if I chose to take another class with IndVA.”


“I got responses from my instructor the same day, and my assignments never took more than 2 days to grade, so I never had to worry about assignments not being graded. Overall, I’m really glad I took this course and would definitely do it again!”


“I thought this program was great and the drop dates really pushed me to get my work done even though it’s summer.”


“Amazing website! I feel like I learned more than I would in a classroom. I would suggest the teachers to on tests for the modules like on the write out questions to specify on each question why they got it wrong and what the right answer is. So I don’t have to ask every time. In my geometry 1b class my teacher Troy Everett told me why I got the questions wrong and it helped alot!