How to Get Started

Your school can choose to participate with us in a variety of ways – choose the option that best fits your needs below.

  • Individual Enrollments – If you have a single student or a few students that you feel could benefit from an online class, individual enrollment is likely the best option for you. With this option, you can have the student pay for themselves or you can opt to be invoiced for that particular enrollment. If you opt to be invoiced, you will need to notify the Program Coordinator at  Get Started!
  • Partnership Agreements – For those schools who intend to offer an online course to a small group of students, to an entire class or classes of students, we offer bulk discounts for 10 seats or more.  Get Started!
  • Summer School – Looking for a cost effective (in many cases, free!) and convenient alternative to traditional summer school programs?  Indiana Virtual Academy’s summer school program is the right fit for you. With the ability to take courses from any location with Internet access, students have the opportunity to get caught up or get ahead during the summer months. Learn More Now…
Don’t know which option makes the most sense for your school? No worries! Simply contact us to discuss the options available to you.