Why Choose INDVA

How does Indiana Virtual Academy help you prepare your child to be successful?  Quite simply, we provide:

  • A convenient and cost-effective way for your child to stay on track or get ahead in today’s competitive educational environment.
  • Anytime access to monitor your child’s progress and stay up to date with his or her coursework.
  • The ability for your child to stay enrolled at his or her local high school while still having access to courses that aren’t available at your school.

Indiana Virtual Academy can be the ideal fit for all types of students, including:

  • Students who’ve fallen a little behind in earning credits to get an Indiana high school diploma and who need to close the gap
  • Students who are interested in taking courses that aren’t offered at through the local school
  • Students who need to keep up with schoolwork in order to graduate on time but are unable to attend classes during regular school hours due to illness, injury, or work conflicts
  • Students who need or want to enroll in summer school
  • College-bound students looking for specialized or advanced online courses to supplement regular coursework
  • College-bound athletes who need some additional coursework and are looking for NCAA-approved online courses
    • *The IndVA is approved with the NCAA as a non-traditional course provider for courses listed in our standard course catalog. Please note that NCAA approval does not apply to courses in our credit recovery catalog. Please contact the IndVA office if you have any questions.