Pleased Parents

See what other parents have to say about their experience with Indiana Virtual Academy:

“My son is graduating this Sunday and we are both so grateful for the excellent classes, teachers, support and both of you too, that we have experienced through Indiana Virtual Academy. Because of the availability of courses, my son was able to accelerate his high school studies and find solutions to taking courses at different times than the traditional year to allow him to graduate early.”

“My son has clinical depression, and it’s been a challenge for all of us to find the right treatment/management program for that. Last spring he got four F’s. His attendance and attention were irregular, in part because often his sleep patterns were interrupted and irregular as a result of trying to get the medications/dosages right and the depression itself.

“By having a more flexible schedule with Indiana Virtual Academy courses, he was able to work at his own pace and trump the sleep disorders. After a slow start due to shattered confidence, he turned it around and finished with an A and two B’s. Because of his success, he was not only eligible for football and had a great season, the school corporation and the IHSAA both agreed to let him take a couple of online courses each semester as part of his 504 plan. Where he was adamant about dropping out of school last spring, he’s now talking about college.”

“My daughter is taking Indiana Virtual Academy online summer classes for English. I have to say that when she started she hated English, and I was skeptical. I can’t tell you how wrong I was. She has done so well, and doesn’t hate English. This has been such a positive experience!”