As a parent of an Indiana high school student, you naturally want to help your child receive the proper education to be ready for life beyond high school. You also want to stay involved so you can help guide your student along the path to educational success. Sometimes that means looking beyond the boundaries of your local school to find new, but complementary, opportunities. If you are looking for help in securing Indiana high school courses online either to help your child catch up or get ahead, look to Indiana Virtual Academy.

Indiana Virtual Academy works with your local school to provide your child with the best education and the most opportunities possible.  Consider it the best of both worlds – access to online classes, without losing the traditional high school experience.

While taking online courses with Indiana Virtual Academy, your child receives credit from the high school he or she attends…so all coursework completed with us moves your child toward earning an Indiana high school diploma. Participating in classes is ultra-convenient because your child can do coursework from any computer that has Internet access, and you can stay in touch with what your student is doing by using your guardian account to track your child’s progress.

In addition to helping your child have access to courses that can help him or her get ahead or get caught up, taking online classes helps your child develop 21st Century skills as well as intangible skills that will benefit him or her after high school, such as independence, self-motivation, a good work ethic, accountability, and time management.