New School Information

Interested in learning more about online courses for Summer School for your students? With Indiana Virtual Academy, there are numerous benefits to enjoy:

  • No DOE Summer School Paperwork – That’s right, we handle all DOE paperwork on your behalf, which reduces your administrative burden.
  • No Overhead Costs – Aside from proctoring final exams, your building can close for the summer, reducing overhead and facility costs.
  • No Non-Reimbursable Administrative or Support Costs – Again, we provide these services for you so you can protect your school’s precious budget dollars.
  • No Up Front Costs – You can rest assured that your school will not be billed until your DOE reimbursement has been received.
  • No Cost to Your Students – We won’t charge your students any fees if your district participates in our program, which is an amazing benefit to offer your student body.

Please note that if you do not sign a summer participation form, your students can still take advantage of our program at their cost of $190 per student in a one semester standard catalog course, $150 per student in a one semester credit recovery catalog course, provided you agree to grant the credit.

Ready to get started? We look forward to the chance to discuss the possibilities with you.  Please contact us to get the conversation started or you can access all summer school paperwork and marketing materials here.