Get Started

Getting started is an easy process! Students and parents, start by speaking to your guidance counselor to make sure Indiana Virtual Academy is the right option for you. Then, register for a parent/guardian account and complete your student application. Before you apply, make sure you have your guidance counselor and parent/guardian’s contact information handy.

New to Indiana Virtual Academy?

Wonderful! We are thrilled to have you join us. Follow these easy steps to get registered:

1. First check out our Technology Requirements to be sure your online course runs smoothly on the computer you use.

2. To begin the registration process, click on “REGISTER NOW” below after you read the following. (Please do not fill out a new application if you already have an account. Scroll to the bottom of the page if you are an existing user.)

3. On the first page you will complete your parent/guardian information to create their account.

4. Once you submit your parent/guardian information, you will be prompted to fill out a student application with your student information. Make sure to click submit after it has been filled out and wait until it says “Application has been submitted”.

5. Within 24 business hours, you will receive an email with your student login information notifying you that you have been accepted. Go to our website and login with that information.

6. When you login, you can request your courses by clicking “Request Courses”. Be sure to choose the appropriate start date.

7. Once you have requested your courses, an email will be sent to your guidance counselor requesting that he or she approve or deny your courses. If you are waiting approval, or if you are denied, contact your guidance counselor.

8. Once you are approved, you can make a payment by clicking “Make Payment” in your account. **You can skip this step if your school has agreed to pay for your course and has contacted Indiana Virtual Academy.

9. When your payment has been received, you will be enrolled in your course on the specified start date.

10. View our Student Quickstart Guide on how to get started once you are accepted.


Are you already registered with Indiana Virtual Academy?

Welcome back! Please note that if you’ve registered with us before, there’s no need to fill out a new application. Simply login to your old account and request your courses. If you have forgotten your login information you can click on “Forgot your Login and/or Password?” located beneath the login button. Or contact if needed.

Are you a school interested in getting started with Indiana Virtual Academy?

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with your school.  Simply click here to get started.