How We’re Different

With all of the online course options available to you, how do you decide which one will be the best fit for you? Start by checking out our list of the Top 10 Ways Indiana Virtual Academy is Different than online virtual charter schools and online content providers.

We think you’ll agree, what we offer is unique:

  1. A School’s Partner:  We partner with high schools to complement existing curriculum without competing for enrollments, so students remain enrolled in their brick and mortar schools.
  2. Anytime Parent Access:  Parents can monitor their student’s progress and grades at anytime through the provided guardian account.
  3. Standards Driven. Our courses meet Indiana state standards and are taught by Indiana licensed instructors which means all credits are applied seamlessly to your school.
  4. Great Prices.  Our courses are competitively priced so you can feel you are receiving a value for what you are investing in an online course.
  5. Quick Start Up.  Minimal to no additional materials are required for our courses, which means an easier and quicker start up for our students.
  6. Credits Earned At Your School.  We provide Indiana high school courses online, which means you take the classes you need to graduate, while staying enrolled at your school.  All credits/diplomas are awarded by the student’s high school, not by virtue of transfer.
  7. NCAA Approved.  The IndVA is approved with the NCAA as a non-traditional course provider for courses listed in our standard course catalog. Please note that NCAA approval does not apply to courses in our credit recovery catalog. Please contact the IndVA office if you have any questions.
  8. Public Education at Our Roots. We were born out of and are governed by Indiana public education educators, which means we are immersed in and fully understand Indiana Public Education.
  9. A Program, Not a School.  We are a program, not a school, therefore we are not financially supported by the DOE nor are we competition to a traditional Indiana high schools.
  10. Non-Profit. As an Interlocal Cooperative, we are a non-profit Indiana entity recognized by the DOE.