Who is INDVA?

We are so glad you asked! Indiana Virtual Academy provides students across Indiana the ability to access a variety of online high school courses while staying enrolled at their current school.  Students can utilize Indiana Virtual Academy for credit recovery or to take courses not offered within their school curriculum. Look to us for help with:

  • Convenient credit recovery opportunities via online courses
  • Different courses that aren’t offered through the local school system due to teacher cut backs or budget cuts
  • Flexible class schedules for students who need the ability to take courses from home due to health or work conditions
  • A cost-effective (and, in some cases, free!) summer school program
  • Specialized or advanced courses necessary to be competitive for college
  • ASVAB test prep
  • American Sign Language for adults
  • Continuing education courses for adults

For Indiana high schools, Indiana Virtual Academy is the answer to how to provide quality online courses  to their students both cost effectively and efficiently. All courses are taught by licensed Indiana teachers and unlike most virtual and charter schools, Indiana Virtual Academy works hand in hand with Indiana high schools to supplement offerings to their students. Schools receive ultimate flexibility with the ability to offer courses on a one on one basis or to the entire student body.  A school can choose to partner with us in a variety of ways, including:

  • Simply granting your student credit for a course taken with us
  • Signing a one year partnership agreement for a discount when you have 10 or more students taking our courses
  • Participating in our summer school program

Indiana Virtual Academy is a non-profit organization that’s recognized by the Department of Education as an Interlocal Cooperative.