Indiana Virtual Academy provides supplemental online courses to Indiana high school students who are enrolled at an Indiana high school. Unlike many virtual and charter schools that try to be replacements for traditional schools, the Indiana Virtual Academy partners with local schools to give students access to additional online curriculum while still being able to offer the benefits of a traditional school experience.

Originally, the Indiana Virtual Academy was created by the Ripley County Community Foundation through a Lilly Endowment Inc. CAPE Grant to share, expand, and increase educational opportunities for students in Ripley County. Today, the program and courses are open to students across the state of Indiana, which enables the schools to offer more choices while maintaining enrollment numbers.

Indiana Virtual Academy Fast Facts:

  • Indiana Virtual Academy is a non-profit organization governed by Indiana public school superintendents.
  • Students who complete courses through the Indiana Virtual Academy receive credit and diplomas from their brick and mortar schools.
  • The Indiana Virtual Academy is not “one size fits all.” Your school can select the courses that are appropriate for your students.
  • Indiana schools that partner with the Indiana Virtual Academy through a one-year agreement can offer courses to students at a discounted rate.
  • The IndVA is approved with the NCAA as a non-traditional course provider for courses listed in our regular course catalog. *Please note that NCAA approval does not apply to courses in our credit recovery catalog. Please contact the IndVA office if you have any questions.
  • As an organization that partners with schools, Indiana Virtual Academy can provide courses to schools that are losing subject areas and teachers due to funding cuts.
  • Students receive access to high-quality teachers and a broader range of educational opportunities through online classes.

Contact us to learn more about the programs the Indiana Virtual Academy offers or download the “Choosing the Right Online Program” report to read more about how our programs can meet your needs.