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How do I find out what my grades were from past courses I took?

You can still log into the student information system, to see your final grades under the “View Transcript” tab on the left. If you forgot your username and password, contact Brooke at

How do I get a transcript for the NCAA?

Contact Ally at


How do I get information on a student who took courses with the IndVA in the past?

You can still log into your IndVA counselor account at Once logged in, click the “Students” tab, choose the student’s name, and then click “View Transcript” on the left. OR…

If you need to pull student final grades in bulk, click the “Reports” tab, click “Enrollment History” on the left, choose the appropriate “Term” in the search criteria box, then click “Get Data”.

You can also email Brooke at for additional help with this.