Forms & Agreements

Basic Involvement: If you have a student that is interested in taking an online course with Indiana Virtual Academy or if you simply need a seat or two, you are able to allow students to register on an as needed basis at a cost of $295 per student ($190 for a Ripley County student) in a one semester course for the school year and $190 per student in a one semester course during summer school. No forms are required for this type of participation, however, your guidance counselor will be informed in order to approve each registration. This can be paid for by the school or the student during the registration process.

Partnership Agreement: Indiana Virtual Academy offers a year-long partnership agreement for discounted seats. This option is best for schools who have need for 10 or more seats during a school year. You must purchase a minimum of 10 seats at $1900 (each seat is discounted at $190). Unlimited additional seats can be added to the agreement at $190 per seat. A seat is defined as one student in a one semester course. For example, you could use this for 10 students who each need a one semester course, or five students who each need two one semester course, or any combination suiting your needs that equates to ten or more seats. This partnership duration is only for the school year. You cannot use these seats for our summer school program. See form for further details. After you’ve completed and returned the agreement, get your students registered.

Summer School 2017 Agreement: Take advantage of our cost-effective (and, in many cases, free!) summer school program. For information about the summer school program, click here. After you’ve completed and returned the Summer School 2017 Agreement (downloadable below), get your students registered.

Downloadable 2017 Summer School Materials: