Summer School 2017

Looking for a cost effective and convenient alternative to traditional summer school programs?  Indiana Virtual Academy’s summer school program is the right fit for you. With the ability to take courses from any location with Internet access, students have the opportunity to get caught up or get ahead during the summer months.

Taught by licensed Indiana instructors, our curriculum meets Indiana Standards and NCAA approved for non-traditional coursework. (*Please note that NCAA approval does not apply to courses in our credit recovery catalog.) What’s more, students from districts participating in the Indiana Virtual Academy summer school program do not pay any fees for summer school.

Even if your district chooses not to participate in our summer school program, your students will still be able to take summer school courses with us at their own cost, provided you agree to grant the credit.

Join last year’s class of over 3,000 students who chose Indiana Virtual Academy’s online summer school program as their provider.

2017 Important Dates & Deadlines

2017 Registration April 10th – June 2nd
Courses Begin June 5th
Courses End July 28th
 *Drop Dates: June 19th & July 3rd
2017 P.E. Registration April 10th – May 12th
P.E. 1st Sem. Begins May 15th – July 7th
P.E. 2nd Sem. Begins July 10th – Sept. 1st
*Drop Dates: May 29th & July 24th

Students and parents, check out the participating schools and Course Descriptions to find out if the Indiana Virtual Academy’s summer school program is a good fit for you.

School administrators, visit the New School Information page to learn more about how the Indiana Virtual Academy’s summer school program can benefit you, as well as how to get your school enrolled in our Summer School program.